Some of you may recall I tried the cook in the bag range a little while ago with great success. I decide to buy just the bags without the sauce mix so I could make my own mixes.
Today was the trial run.I did a couple of chicken breasts and made a ginger and lime sauce with a little honey and garlic mixed in. It turned out really nice and hit the spot served with pasta and cheddar cheese sauce.The next recipe will be for a small turkey crown joint I have so I will make something different with that,maybe cranberry and I'll throw in some mixed fruit and a drizzle of honey. That will be served with roast spuds and broccoli with all the trimmings.Dried herbs and spices really come into their own in this style of cooking.

The reason I embarked on today's trail cooking is because the rain is lashing down so I still cant get out to demolish the shed.
Some days I welcome the rain I would much rather be in the kitchen knocking recipes up than knocking a tatty old shed down.