Peace and harmony reigned but not for long.The cats settled down on the chair they loan to me when they don't need it and went to sleep.They have had a hard day off on adventures.This lasted about an hour before Sooty stirred and turned over.Seeing Zazzles close up he decide to wash him.Zazzles likes this when he is awake but not when he is snoozing.He woke up and swiped Sooty before settling again,undeterred Sooty started washing him again and this prompted Zazzles to sink a set of sharp teeth into him,Sooty retaliated and Zazzles retired and flounced off out of the room and through the cat flap.Sooty yawned a went back to sleep but not for long.He decided he would wander off as well and followed in the path of his brother. They will no doubt return later the best of pals again as normal.