I made a quick trip to town today,I needed a large postal envelope and Christmas cards. The town is getting busier and with the market open every day more people are coming into the town centre instead of the one stop shop supermarket giants on the outskirts.
The market stall holders were all smiling and a bit of barter and banter was going on.I picked up my cards 30 decent ones for £2:50. then to the post office next door through the covered arcade for my envelope,I was scouring the shelves looking for the right size and a pleasant young lady popped up and helped me find it.Not only that as the queues were long she took me to her little help desk and I paid for them there.
A good morning's shopping so far,now to the freezer shop just outside for lasagnes in and out quickly with all tills working and time to head home.That's one stop shopping with a difference access to 100 indoor stalls next door to the post office and just outside is the freezer shop and a street full of shops,much more choice than a supermarket and a much pleasanter experience.There is a rooftop car park on top of the market so easy parking.
On arriving home I spotted Sooty walking away down the hill,I called him and he shot to my side twined his way in and out of my legs and trotted home alongside me.when we came in Zazzles who was on the landing lifted his head saw us and galloped down the stairs at a great rate of knots. A big change from the indifferent welcome they gave me yesterday.So why the difference? Well yesterday I was empty handed today I was carting bags and they do like a good rummage.It wasn't me they were welcoming it was two bags of shopping that needed exploring.Such is life.