I had a restful evening after the toils of the last two days with an hour on the massage chair followed by a Radox bath and topped off with a glass of brandy.
Today I am much refreshed and my back although a little achy is in fair order.
This morning was busy,my first job was a trip to Iceland to for a food order which will be delivered later.Although Iceland is very near the channel side walk and the way to mothers I didn't fancy chancing the hard slog over the tops so I hopped on a bus to see the old girl. She is in fine fettle and we caught up on family gossip. She was delighted in the goodies she asked me to get for her,Marmalade,Strawberry jam and Hamburgers in onion gravy,she is easily pleased. I took my leave of her after couple of hours and flashed the pass again to get a bus to town where I change to one for the island and home again
.The cats were delighted to see me Sooty raised his head from the cushion he was on yawned and settled down again,Zazzles took no notice at all,it's nice to be missed.
I have a free day in front of me as Ellen is at the hairdressers this afternoon and she will make herself something when she gets in.with that in mind I going to cook myself Mr Brains pork faggots (which she doesn't like) with rough mash spuds and Brussel Sprouts.They are very unhealthy like most scrummy food but they are delicious so I don't care.