An interesting day on the new broadband set up. I was given a time slot between 8 and 1,the engineer phoned at 11:45 and he was going to be late and would arrive a.s.a.p. Hardly the mans fault but annoying.
When said engineer arrived at 3:15 he apologized for being late looked at my little island of furniture in the centre of the room and said "Those clowns are still sending E mails to exsisting customers"
The Emails are for new customers who may need wiring doing exsisting customers have it installed.All he had to do was fit a little modem on the phone socket and plug the new router in,something I could have done given the option.He was
climbing into his van to leave at 3:25 10 minutes after arriving and most of that time was taken up just chatting.
Then came the task of putting the room back together which took me almost an hour,still all is done now and I am getting 37.9mbs a big improvement on the 15 I was getting before. I will probably get a little more speed when things settle down but even if I don't I am very pleased. Time to make dinner then have half an hour on the back massager,I'll catch up later.