A dull start to the day here has turned into a rainy one so no shed dismantling for me. I did get over for my Sunday shop before it started though so I am happy enough watching the rain wash the windows.
Ellen did sterling work this morning by giving the kitchen a full deep clean.All surfaces cleared and washed down as were the cupboards,I left her at it while I went to town and when I returned she had sorted the living room as well.
An easy no housework day for me then,cooking dinner is my only duty and that is a pleasure not a chore. 4 juicy lamb chops cooked in a bag with rosemary and mint sauce.They will roast slowly and I will make roast potatoes and sprouts with them,that should fill a corner.
The cats were off on a big 3 hour adventure but when the rains came the returned and caused mayhem in here before falling asleep.They will stir when they smell dead sheep cooking no doubt until then with Ellen upstairs catching up on her TV viewing peace reigns in my corner of the world.
Tonight we have furniture to move clearing a space for the engineer to re-cable my telephone system tomorrow inside and out to fix me up with an internet fibre optic set up. The whole job should take around 3 hours so I will be off line for some time tomorrow as well as tonight while the shift is on, my phone line will also be off tomorrow.