A calm day today,a little chilly early on because we had a slight frost but much better than yesterday.The storm is now battering our east coast and John reports it's really bad in Denmark.
I went to collect debris from the garden and retrieved the seed container from the bird feeder but the water bowl has vanished completely.The feeder itself stood up to the weather and didn't move at all in the ground.I had the problem of finding a dish
suitable for water to fit snugly into the holding ring.I have many round shallow containers but none the right size then I had the idea of a freezer container with them being pliable.I came across a square one with rounded ends that looked about the right size so tried that.The wrong shape it may be but the rounded ends allowed it to fit perfectly with a little push.
I picked several odds and ends up in the garden 4 plant pots which obviously belong to John so I put them over the wall,the rest was just rubbish so that was binned.The job took longer than planned because Zazzles saw every item I picked up as treasure for his collection,he did get away with what looked like a wooden tent peg so he was happy then and left me in peace.
Another little problem solved,only the shed to sort now.