The winds dropped off this afternoon as expected by 2pm it was down to 25mph and apart from the odd 40mph gust the noise has quietened to a hum instead of a shriek.
I checked outside for damage and found as expected or at least hoped for that the storm has helped with the old shed demolition by ripping one side off.The door and roof had gone in the last little blows but this was much stronger,a proper storm and what was the inside of the shed where a few bits were nicely stacked is now a pile.
A job for another day there clearing up.
Elsewhere on the island the promenade north of the bridge has been breached and the road for about a mile flooded,hopefully no building will have been flooded as they are mostly built at the top of gardens with fairly steep slopes.The pub will most likely have a flooded cellar that is a regular occurrence. Closer to home the road to the village will most likely be under water a some of the fields flooded
Farther afield wind speeds of 112 mph were recorded on the high fells and lots of trunk roads are closed to high sided vehicles.We got through with only slight damage unlike some parts of the UK. Scotland took a beating as always.
Right I'm off to make dinner back for a catch up later