I was welcomed to the day by the banshee wail of the wind. 6.We were promised a storm today and we certainly started off that way.
I clicked on the local weather site when I came down to find there hadn't been a report since 5 now it's approaching mid day and it is still the same,maybe it blew down.It's about a mile from here and very close to the sea.

I checked the nearest TV channels and the news was not good.
We were expected to get winds in excess of 50mph with gusts 70 to 80 and they were right.We are expecting flooding here on the island with the wind carrying a 10 metre tide in.10 metres is about the biggest we get here.
The wind is due to drop to 35mph this afternoon and low 20s tonight so it's a day inside for me,the cats are not as smart they have each been out twice but now have decided that to sleep through the storm is the best idea.
I hope the rest of you from these islands are keeping safe,I'll be
back later lunch time is upon us.