Today should be a quieter day on the work front.I have the old silver Christmas tree to bring down and put with the freezer ready to be hauled away,then I will eye the spare bedroom up for space.I am putting the tumble dryer up there because it
makes the little work room very warm and the sudden temp change is not good for freezers.
First job is to bring the recycle bins and containers off the kerbside.I have Allan's and John.s to do as well as my own.
I have photos for you from yesterday one of collared doves getting to be frequent visitors now the weather is growing colder,one of my tree the lights of which throws reflections of coloured lights on the wall,which the cats are drawn to of course,the lights make the photo a little blurry sorry about that.

The third is my new freezer which with two deep baskets has much better use of the storage space than the old one.

Next job is bargain hunting to fill it up for the Christmas break.
Right recycle containers to put away then ring the town hall to get the collection sorted and I will have earned a coffee before I face the spare bedroom
Catch you soon