I have a few minutes on a busy day to type this while the dishes from dinner are soaking.Dinner was a roast in the bag Mediterranean mix.If you haven't seen these bags,you place your meat in them,in this case chicken of course,shake the mix over
them and make sure the chicken is fully coated,cook in a pre heated oven for the time and temp stated and out pops lovely succulent chicken.There are a wide variety of different flavours or you can buy a box of the bags and do your own mix.This
one was delicious with pasta in a cheese sauce.

This morning my new Christmas tree arrived so that had to be unpacked and tested,I did have the help of Zazzles which really speeded things up as you can imagine.

This afternoon my freezer arrived and there was a four hour wait while things settled down before I could turn it on,now it is plugged in and I have to wait until it reaches the right temperature before loading.Estimated time 2 to 3 hours.
Right coffee finished back to the dishes before the footie starts,I might have a beer while watching that.
Back before then to catch up