A cold dull day so I flashed the pass to get to town.I needed to visit a post office and as the local one has closed I had no other choice.Because of this I delayed my Sunday morning shopping until today.I left early to avoid the crowds and set off on a little detour from my normal route.The market is open every weekday until Christmas so I had a wander through and met a couple of folk I knew for a chat then carried on to the freezer shop but not before I bought some minced beef and a pork pie.Mince and dumplings is the fare today and I have blitzed a pan of veg soup I made and simmered last night.So we have plenty of warming food on a chilly day.The rest of the shopping was routine apart from a visit to Weigh to Pay to stock up on herbs and spices,I did like the aromas wafting towards me as I opened the door,a little haven of gorgeous smells .The streets were filling up with shoppers by this time so I beat a hasty retreat to the bus stop just in time for a ride home. I did find a beer I hadn't yet come across called Snowman's Revenge so got it for my Christmas collection.
This afternoon I moved the freezer into the kitchen and sorted out a space for the new one when it is delivered tomorrow.
Now all is ready and the veg soup and mince and dumplings
are bubbling away quietly on the hob just waiting to be devoured