This morning I awakened to the sound of heavy rain lashing my bedroom window driven on by a north westerly wind,I checked the weather map when I came down and discovered that winds of up to 30mph and squally showers were the order of the day. The cats were no more chuffed about this than me they had a feed and promptly fell asleep.
So cabined up for the day I pondered my alternatives. The old coal storage which now houses my garden tools needs a good sort out so that might be my task for today.
On the food front with only me to feed until Sunday I have decided to bake a Cheese,bacon and egg flan big enough for 2 feeds. One half hot for lunch and the other cold sometime. I will think of something else to bake at the same time depending on what ingredients I can find.

This is the time of the year I get my annual pension payout,it is not a vast amount of money just being the left overs from the original which I needed to draw when Margaret took ill.
Nonetheless it is a tidy enough sum to buy any large item I need for the house and money left over for the winter fuel bill. Everything is fairly new and working well apart from my upright freezer packing in. The old chest freezer is around 20 years old not big enough alone and was given to me so that's the target. I have been checking prices for the last week or so and this morning found what I wanted from the Electrical giants Currys.
The have a freezer on offer down from
£229 to £139 It has 150cubic litre capacity much better than the 100 cl I have now,delivery is free and it will be here Tuesday. As the first job of the day that went well.
I also have a new broadband,phone and TV deal in the pipeline which is a lot more for a little extra, more about that when it happens
Right time for an egg and cheese butty then I'll start baking, Catch you soon.