The verdict on the sausage casserole is in. Absolutely delicious. I didn’t add the celery or sugar. We are not fans of celery so that went along with the sugar. The tomato purée and carrots would make it sweet enough I thought and so it proved. I cut the quantities down to half measures,apart from the sausage that is, I did 8 of those and used my own beef stock that I freeze in ice cube trays for ease and added a little gravy browning .I thought there would be enough left over for a reheat for my lunch tomorrow but the pan was emptied. I did try to take a photo but there was nothing to been seen through the steam and I wasn't prepared to wait until it went cold. This dish is a real winter warmer and a welcome addition to my recipe folder. It isn't a casserole really,I was always told by definition a casserole is cooked in the oven and a stew is on the hob,but whatever it was it hit the spot.
There was an added bonus,I had half a bottle of Pale Ale left over and that washed the meal down a treat. Only pots to wash now and my days work is done.