Today's lunch was Vegetable soup with crusty bread smothered in butter. This is a no recipe soup cheap and simple to make. I had some carrots and peas that needing using up so I diced the carrots,chopped up an onion and bulked it out with frozen veg from a pack designed for casserole mix,added 2 vegetable stock cubes pre stirred in boiling water and I simmered it yesterday for a couple of hours. Soup like stews is always tastier the next day hence I had it for lunch,I sampled it added white pepper and let is simmer for a little while longer. A cheap soup it may be but it is delicious, enough for 3 days and just the ticket on these cold days. Throughout the winter there will be a soup of some sort bubbling away,we are having chicken later in the week and that makes a lovely soup with noodles,rice or pasta added.
Dinner is going to be juicy pork chops with rough mash spuds and carrots smothered in onion gravy.

Today I received two new tools.
Last year when the snow came I had no snow shovel so Allan,John,and Bimbo had the block to clear while I sat idly watching and missed the fun so this year I am prepared with a suitable shovel,it is a collapsible one for easy shortage so it is a tad short. I will sort this using a piece of alloy tubing which I hope to find in my tool store. If there is nothing there I will rummage in Allan's shed we are bound to have something between us. The second item is a folding pruning saw. When I was attacking the Buddleia I had to take a miniature hacksaw to some of the thicker branches and with 8 fruit bushes to do yet I wanted something more efficient

I had a nice surprise this afternoon,Grandson Carl appeared and stayed for an hour chatting before wandering off for his tea.