With the sun shining and the chance of snow on the fells I wrapped up well and headed for the rugby ground just down the road.The reason I went there instead of the channel side is it is higher ground so gives more of a view of the more distant fells.
There wasn't a lot of white stuff around when I got there but I took the snaps anyway.They are not brilliant because I took a couple of them on full zoom and at around 40 miles it is really at the limit of what my little pocket Canon can do.
click here to see them.

On my way back I passed the booze shop and a voice called from it's depths with the words " We have new beers"
That was enough to stop me in my tracks The sound was as alluring as that of the Sirens when they lured sailors onto the rocks. I entered the magic portal into the Emporium of Pleasure.There a wondrous sight met my gaze 6 bottles of beer I hadn't sampled to my knowledge. I came home with a carrier bag of beer and a song in my heart,I have another stash for the Christmas and New Year bash.