My grandson Carl popped round to see us today.He has finished work now until February so is looking for something to tide him over.There is high unemployment in town and he has a pal who has moved to Scarborough so Carl is off next week to stay with him and scout the area for a job.If he strikes lucky he will stay until just before Christmas.With the money he has saved so far plus anything he gets there he will be OK for the month or so until he starts again.He is getting itchy feet and ready to do some travelling if the right opportunity comes along.

It was no cook Saturday today and our third meal from the new takeaway was delicious,roast duck breast cut into thick wedges with pineapple in a plum sauce on a bed of fried rice.£8 and delivered to the door for the two of us is very reasonable by our takeaway prices.

With finishing the workshop and sorting the little kitchen shelf unit,having a visit from Carl, a footie match to watch this evening and chatting with Ellen I never got around to trying Skype on my android.
Now all is quiet,the cats have gone to bed with Ellen and I just have my kitchen to tidy and then I can sink into my comfy chair have a lucky dip in the box of beer and relax while I wait for Jenny to ring.
First of course I have to have a cruise around here