I spent yesterday on my android,firstly to get used to driving it better, secondly to test it's battery endurance and thirdly to see what else it could offer.
As this is my first touch screen experience apart from the dreaded cheap machine I needed practice to stop my finger hitting the wrong button or app I solved this with the pen I used on the cheap machine.All is well now and I am very dextrous thank you very much.

The second task was to check the battery endurance,that was on going of course but the machine was on from around 8 am until 10:30 pm even if I wasn't using it,I visited all my sites wrote a blog on here including uploading a video,I have alerts for my e mails so answered them as they came in,checked on the book reader and found it already had my Google books on it the same with my Kindle reader of course which I expected so I read a little,played some music,watched a sample video then one on You Tube and finally watched an hour long documentary on BBC i Player.
A good days work for such a small machine and it still has about ¼ power left in it.

All in all I am very pleased with it's performance.
I want to try the office programme that's for another day.
The other thing I want to try is Skype so look out for my green light.that will most likely be this evening as I have housework to do including finishing the tool room and sorting my little food store out.