I looked on Flickr this morning and found somebody had looked at an old video I posted from 2009 showing what was to be the start of a rainy season that hasn't ended as yet so I posted it here .Full screen is a slightly better view but my accent can't be helped.You might just hear Barmy whistling in the background

I wasn't happy with the litte workshop I tidied the other day and decided it needed a good bottoming.I have cleared a lot of stuff out I will never use and moved things around to optimise the space.It is a lot more user friendly now or it will be when I fill the wooden cabinet back up the contents of which are piled on the floor due to my back telling me to stop, still it is a good playground for the cats who have been a great help throughout as you can imagine.Thought is needed in such a small room it is only 10'x 5' so things like a collapsible workbench are a must as is plenty of wall space for tools to hang.It is still a scruffy room but it does the job in the space available.