It's been a funny sort of day.The weather started off dry and sunny but with a biting northerly wind.Cold weather clothes were needed again and will be until well into the new year.
I had to go to the chemist to pick my magic smarties up but found no other folk braving the wind to chat to so it was a quick trip.I called at the farm shop and bought a pie for lunch, I made some onion gravy and warmed some garden peas to go with it and very tasty it was.

After lunch I turned on the android and it started updating things and doing a virus and and spyware scan. Google had transferred all my bookmarks and all the Google files over to the android which saved work,so I left the machine to get on with it.
Back on the desktop computer I had cause to check an e mail address in my Yahoo mail contacts list.It was then I noticed some names from the old 360 days who I have lost contact with,two or three had died and their addresses were still on my list.I set to and cleared the list of unwanted people,some I vaguely remembered some I didn't recall.Life and events go by very quickly in the cyber world.Then I went to G mail and transferred the new sleeker list over and cleared any odds on there as well.
That was the sum of my useful contribution to my day and this evening will be even less productive,I intend to spend it chatting to Ellen,watching the footy then a documentary I found on line it's by, Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive which he is of course.
I might even sink a beer or two.
Have fun