With this morning's job cancelled because of the weather I looked for something to do inside and decided the little tool room needed sorting.
I had to scrap the upright freezer because it started to defrost itself,not a good trait in a freezer. Yesterday I moved my own small tumble dryer to the spare room.The one Ellen brought is a much larger one and ideal for all our laundry. So with that out of the way I set too.I removed paint tins to the old coal storage now used
for my garden tools.I put plenty of shelving in there so had room for a lot of other stuff a well.All that was needed then was a general tidying up and a quick sweep it looks a lot better and with 2 appliances removed a lot roomier.

I had expected to be working on the shed most of the day so I bought 4 rounds of nice ham from the Farm Shop,I did creamed mash potatoes and whole green beans tossed in butter and peppered.Very simple to make a extremely tasty.

I received good news in the post,a letter with conformation that my £200 winter fuel allowance would be in the bank shortly.It used to be £250 but when this uncaring Tory government were elected they decided not enough old people were dying from hypothermia so cut it down. They are on a winner there they save money on the allowance and get rid of more old folk so save money there as well.
The government write on our pension forms This is the amount the Government think you need to live on,think again dumbos it's ¼ of the average wage.
Rant over ,carry on