Another thing about easy jobs,when there are two deranged cats in the house the jobs cease to be easy.
Today the new digital extension lead came for Ellen's TV,the cable to her set is nearly as old as the rest of the set up was.
Now this is a simple job,usually. I started by removing the old cable,simple.It was when I started to fit the new one things became trying.I had plugged it in both ends to check it first of course and now was just about to staple it to the staircase starting at the top. I have run out of staples for the gun so it was a hammer and the old type staples I used,still no problem 3 staples in Ellen's room 4 or 5 down the stairs and 2 in the living room job done.
Then two furry creatures ran up the stairs, flashed passed me tore round the rooms and back down again taking my box of staples out on the way.The stairs are hard wood and varnished so with no carpet to slow it the box bounced all the way down scattering staples in all directions.I started down picking staples up along the way and the two culprits hurtled passed again and did the same course before vanishing I know not where leaving me to finish the job in peace and sort a box of staples out,THANKS CATS!!
Zazzles finally returned not looking the slightest bit sorry and promptly fell asleep in the aerial box which seems to have been converted to a mouse sanctuary,Zazzles work no doubt.