Another simple job proved not to be so.
I purchased a new digital TV aerial because the odd time my TV picture was pixelating.I rang the boffins and they told me due to a new 4G aerial for smart phones in my area some people were witnessing the same thing if they had earlier aerials.
Well my aerial was thrown into the loft in 1968 and has remained there ever since.It is not a digital aerial at all of course but as it was working I found no need to change it. The boffin told me I needed an aerial with a 4G filter so I ordered one with cable and it came today,in a box,in 14 pieces and with a bag of screws etc.Oh goodie here we go again I thought.I assembled the main body easily enough but noticed in time that the two rear large wing like sections would not go through the loft door attached.As these were 4 separate parts which needed holding together,fitting around the central boom and attaching with a screw right through the whole lot this posed a problem that needed thought. I couldn't work in the loft there is no headroom so I taped the wings and bracket together loosely slid them up the pole jiggled them a little and screwed it all in place.I had Ellen's TV switched on so I could check for a picture without coming downstairs and it was crystal clear.Job done,it took longer than I thought but all is sorted now and a check shows 100% signal strength.The only bad thing is my
back didn't much care for the contortions so a little time on the massage chair is called for.I'll catch up later