Photo of the cat flap for Summer,the buttons are on the inside just the door has swung in.The door leads into my small workshop/utility,apart from my tools there are 2 freezers one, upright,on chest and a clothes dryer.From that room there is a door to the kitchen.
The box in front of the door is the recycle container for glass and cans,the wheelie behind it is household rubbish,behind that out of sight is a large wheelie bin for garden rubbish,to the right of which in the space where the old dustbin went is a large square wax bag for plastics.We also have a large plastic bag for paper and mags.
The door you see to the right was once the coal storage now it holds my garden tools and a few pots of paint.
Recycle day tomorrow so I can sweep this little alcove when I take the containers to the kerbside.