I had the simple task of fitting a cat flap today.I collected the tools I needed expecting to be finished in 15 to 20 minutes.I drew round the template I had cut out last night,made a little pilot hole and commenced to drill a 6mm hole to give the jig saw a solid strart.
The wood was the hardest I have ever worked with and my tools are only the bog standard d.i.y. type. I finally got the first hole drilled and decided to try the jig saw on it. I fitted a new blade and commenced.All that happen was a lot of blue smoke appeared and not much of an impression on the door.Time to call in International Rescue in the shape of Allan who is a joiner by trade.He popped round a took a look,examined the saw blade and swore softly.It was time for the big guns.He popped home and came back with his professional saw with a very hard edged blade made for cutting steel.
A few minutes later the job was done.That's another I owe Allan he is well in front on the favours stage now.
I fitted the external piece of the flap,just leaving a hole in the door for now so the cats get used to.I had no sooner cleaned up and Zazzles poked his head in and came in followed 5 minutes later by Sooty.
Stage one complete and the cats have a new game playing chase in through the hole in the door all over the furniture out of the door round the garden and back inside again.It rained earlier so you can imagine the mess.Time for some lunch I'll catch up later.