We got a severe weather warning for gale force winds and heavy rain at 9pm last night,unfortunately the storm hit us at 8pm so it was a useless warning.We had 50mph winds with 70 mph gusts so it wasn't too bad but it did last until morning and only started easing around 9am.
Parts of Wales didn't fare well with power lines down an damage to buildings 10,000 homes and businesses were without power at one point and one local council had 13 reports in an hour regarding fallen trees,89mph winds also reported.Compared to that we only had a little blow.
There isn't much damage in the garden.The tall bird feeder coped Ok it only has a lean to starboard and the little seed dishes have been blown off.They are lying in
my neighbours garden so all can be put right in a jiffy.
The spike and the two copper tubes anchoring it will have widened the hole so a new position is needed,a little nearer the window I think.If we had be given prior
warning I would have slid the part with hooks on from the feeder and stowed it leaving just the pole standing which would have withstood the wind easily.
I flashed to pass for my Sunday morning jaunt over the bridge for an uneventful shopping session.Once home again I stored the shopping mostly dry and chilled goods with just a few packs for the freezer and settled down to a nice bowl of soup with crusty bread,that hit the spot just right.
Time to sort the feeder out so armed with my small lump hammer and a piece of batten I wandered into the garden.The batten is to place on the spike and tubes
when I hammer them into the ground so I don't damage them.
I took the feeder cages off for a clean,retrieved the trays from John's garden and set everything in place.I came in to get some of the wild bird seed I bought this morning and couldn't find it.I finally tracked it to the freezer where I had put it along with the bags of frozen veg,luckily the bag didn't have time to freeze. Now all is ship shape and Bristol fashion again,until the next storm hits.
Off to watch the egg chasers back later