The morning started off dry and bright but very breezy,just the weather for a bracing stroll on the beach.It was chilly enough up there to remind me the time to change into my cold weather walking gear is almost upon us.
There weren't many folks around just a few intrepid dog walkers most of them wishing they had got a cat instead no doubt.The sea was a little frisky but I did spot one brave soul beach casting.

I have the day to myself,not counting feline company.Ellen is away over town to a funeral after lunching with her pal.The do is back on the island at the cricket club so a few glasses will be emptied,followed by a buffet to cheer the departed on their journey.
This evening she is going to a Guy Fawkes open air music concert followed by a firework display also on the island at the rugby ground which is only a short walk from the cricket club so she will go straight there.
This means I only have myself to feed and with the weather turning cooler Mr Brains pork faggots over a bed of rough mash potatoes accompanied by whole green beans will be dinner.This will be followed by an hour in front of the goggle box watching the egg chasers knock seven bells out of each other.
Here are the photos from the walk.