I spoke to Jenny and Mandi on Skype last night.They were both in high spirits and suitable excited,not at the sight of me but because Mandi is off to join up with her husband today and Jenny is driving again.Two very good reasons to be chirpy.
With the weather being as it has I missed my Sunday trip into town and yesterday was no better. This morning the gales have moved on and the rain has stopped so off I went.There is still a cold wind blowing so I flashed the pass.I had forgotten just what a manic place the 9:30 into town is.This is the first bus of the day where we can use our free pass,they don't want a load of old wrinklies stopping decent folk heading to work you see.So off I toddled and caught the said bus,there were only three other people on board when it left but by the time it had traveled another two stops it was standing room only and not much of that left.There were two young women with baby buggies cluttering the place up for a start.This lead to the rather demur lady of a certain age who had sat next to me to growl into my delicate ear a stream of language more suitable for a barrack room than a bus. Not aimed at me you see but these young women who looked perfectly healthy riding a bus instead of walking with their offspring.Her abuse only got worse when one of them got off the bus under a mile down the road only to be replaced by another.So I had entertainment going over from such a sweet looking lady who reminded me of Miss Marple, at least until she spoke.
Time to think of some lunch,catch you soon.