I uploaded 5 albums of photos taken at a steam gathering a couple of years ago and tried the new storage method of putting the 5 in one folder.It works very well I like the idea,it makes finding photos of one particular subject easier
Today is day two of what the weather people are predicting will be a ten day stretch of rain and high winds,the young lady relaying this news via the goggle box was very cheerful reporting it,no point being any other way I guess,it's here so get on with it.
It is very breezy here today and it is recycle day.This means it pays to bring the various containers back from the roadside as sooon as possible when empty.If they are left you will end up chasing them down the street and or untangling them from your neighbours.Allan was first into action this morning,he brought mine and his own down. I noticed Johns was out so I took his and Linda's down.Linda is his neighbour on the other side.So our end of the street is tidy which the other end won't be by the time folk get home from work. with a wheelie bin for household rubbish and one for garden waste,a large plastic tub for glass and cans,A large rigid bottomed canvas bag for plastics an a large plastic bag for newspapers and mags all blowing around you can imagine the mess.
The new chair is working well.A shift system has developed ,when I am not sitting on it the cats are.At the moment Sooty seems to favour the morning shift and Zazzles the afternoon,the evening and night shift it's a case of first come gets the prize.

I was told about 3 local beers on offer so I grabbed them to add to my slowly growing stockpile