I had cause to go to town this morning,I needed some lamb chop misshapes for making a lamb hotpot later in the week so I strolled over to Iceland first to pick those up then carried on into town proper to my main objective.

I have been looking for a comfy straight backed armchair for a while.something to get me off this office chair when I am reading or watching TV. Yesterday in the British Heart Foundation shop window I spotted just what I was looking for, Queen Anne/cottage style arm chairs.There were two,they had a clearance signs on them but I couldn't see the price.They close on Sundays hence my trip there today. I found out they were £30 and £40 respectively. There were 2 sizes one larger than the other.I sat on them in turn,the smaller one was slightly saggy on the seat but the other was perfect.I turned it upside down and discovered it had recently been fitted with new webbing which explained it and I went for that one.

I thought with new chairs such as this going for between £300 and £400 I had a real bargain so I arranged delivery and it arrived 20 minutes after I got home. It is a really comfy chair and the straight back is good for my posture of course,I am well pleased with my purchase and the British Heart Foundation have a little more in their coffers.All the stuff they sell is donated of course and while waiting for the paper work I had a mooch around,there is some really high class furniture in there much better than the normal charity shop stuff and at a fraction of the price plus the money going to a grand cause everybody is happy..

I thought the weather was going to be fine today and walking over to town it was but by the time I left the charity shop the rain had started and doesn't look like stopping anytime soon. Still I have a comfy chair to watch it fall,or I will have when I remove Sooty from it.