Here I am back with a short blog

Ellen and a friend are away at the flicks tonight.They are going to see the new Arnie film called Escape plan or something similar.
I asked her how much it cost and what you got for your money.
Admission fee is £7:65 =$12:43= € 9.04
You only get the one film no short 2 reelers
Total viewing time 1hour 55minutes.
The price seems Ok in these times but one film? and not a very long one at that.
When we used to go all those years ago there was a two reeler then trailers of forthcoming films then some adverts and finally the main feature. Still that's life nowadays I guess. Queuing or queueing (either is right)for the latest Bond was a must as it was for Elvis.I know what you're thinking Elvis made some rotten movies and a lot of the songs were dire but what do you do when the girl you love adores him? You go along with it that's what you do if you have any sense.

Here are another 3 beers for my album,I should have quite a collection by the time the festive season rolls round because I save one every time. What I do is pick my favourite and next time I go buy one of those to store away.So after these three have gone a will buy my favourite and that will be 7 different beers in stock.