A much better day here a warm 56f and sunshine,a lovely morning for a stroll to the chemist to pick up my Magic Smarties. I was just coming round the corner of my street heading home and I spotted a neighbour Dot ringing my door bell.I told her I wasn't in. The females in these parts have a very colourful language sometimes.
It turns out her next door neighbour Séan set up a new digi box for her yesterday and told her only to use the digi box remote control.Dot being Dot turned her TV on this morning using the TV remote,she had no signal of course because she had changed the source from Hdmi to TV.Séan being at work she came to see if I could sort it which I did in a couple of seconds.I then showed her how to change it if she did it again,she just looked at me in bewilderment so I took the batteries out of the TV remote and told her to but the remote and them in a drawer somewhere.
I am about to have lunch then I might have a stroll along the beach, the tide is receding so no chance of catching a glimpse of the birds feeding but there are folk to chat to and maybe a village idiot to bump into if I'm lucky.
Catch you soon