The oriental stir fry mix worked very well in the soup with a few extras added.
The stir fry was the typical oriental style mix we get here
Water chestnuts,bamboo shoots,mangetout,mushrooms,baby corn, carrot and onion.
I added green beans, more carrot ,onion and peas (there were peas there of course in the form of mangetout but I wanted garden peas as well)
I made a chicken stock poured it over the veg added a couple of bay leaves and set it off,half an hour in I stirred in a squeeze of tomato purée and a shake of garlic pepper and left it to it. When it had simmered for 3 hours I put some instant noodles on to boil and put some on top of a bowl of soup which had kept the delicate flavours of the stir fry plus the garlic pepper gave it a kick. A very tasty cheap meal with crusty buns smothered in butter.
Excuse the steam getting in the way,it has no manners you see.

My winter walking hat arrived today the ear-flaps can be worn up or down.
Scary ain't I?

Oh by the way the cold wind we had has been joined by heavy rain,I was hoping it stopped before Ellen left work,it's didn't bother the cats they went back to bed. The rain didn't stop and Ellen was looking decidedly wet when she arrived home.I asked her why she didn't use the bridge instead of swimming over.Her reply is not fit for you to know gentle reader.