A turn in the weather here,a cold north easterly wind is blowing through, temps have dropped and there is rain falling. It's an indoor day for me and the cats agree.After a little foray earlier they both guzzled some food and went back to bed,Sooty is beside me on his cushion,where Zazzles is I have no idea but he's upstairs somewhere.

There is nowhere I need to be today so staying put is OK although I
was hoping to get the grass trimmed.
My plan is to give the laptop a run out and do the same with the old desktop this evening,it has been a little while since I switched them on so there will be updates to install no doubt.
I have plenty of time to plan dinner and have decided on roast lamb
with mint sauce,roast and mash potatoes,carrots and peas,swamped
in a nice rich onion gravy.That should cheer a lousy weather day up a
little,I have taken an apple pie out of the freezer to defrost we will have
that for afters with Devon custard.I don't make my own custard Ambrosia do it better.
I am logging off here now.I will have some lunch and reappear later via the laptop