If you are having withdrawal symptoms because Jenny is away and not posting photos of flowers,here is a pretty bloom brightening up a dull rainy day, I snapped it in the little haven.

Today was my big shop day at Iceland.I have two freezers a front loader and a chest freezer.Stocks were running low and half empty freezers don't save much money. Iceland also sell most foodstuffs the big boys do only cheaper.I found some terrific bargains and managed to spend £42,that's around $67 No charge for delivery.The saving on the large supermarkets alone is significant not even taking into account the fact that the quality is much better.My buy of the day was nothing spectacular but slabs of Lancashire cheese at £2 each were on offer at 2 for £3,pretty good for one of my favourite cheeses.So with full freezers and taking into account the odd bargains I pick up on my Sunday jaunts I won't be having another big shop until next month.That works out at around £10 per week which is pretty good for two people with good appetites.

I had a pleasant surprise in the post this morning.Normally every year about this time the cost of gas and electricity goes up a lump.This year mine is staying at the current rate,now that is a surprise after 5 or 6 years of price hikes at the start of every winter.