Ellen arrived home 2 hours earlier than expected.she had been doing on line checks all day about the state of the trains after a warning there may be delays. Sure enough the train they were returning on was cancelled meaning the next one,if it turned up would have got her into town about 10:30 which meant just before 11 getting home.Not good when she has to be up at 5 for work,They left earlier than intended and caught the 4:30 and she was home a little before 7.

The cats have been as good as can be today but Ellen's arrival set Zazzles on the path to mischief. I was in the kitchen When I heard Ellen plodding down stairs and opening the front door.A few seconds later Zazzles appeared at my side said hello and walked straight to the door again to be let out. When I let him out I noticed Ellen's wet footprints on the stair,it turns out she had just climbed into a soothing bubble bath when Zazzles started meowing. She came down after her bath collected her shopping and wandered off to catch up on her TV programmes,5 minutes later I heard her coming downstairs and going out of the front door calling Zazzles,this time the little devil had climbed onto the dustbin from there to the little roof over the front door and jumped onto her bedroom window.There he started meowing to be let in. He took his time coming in of course,had some food and wandered off to bed closely followed by Sooty who came in the back window as Zazzles came in the front door.I told Ellen they had been behaving well all day,I won't tell you her reply. I settled down with a coffee and a crossword puzzle and could hear the cats tearing around causing mayhem up there,it was a good day.