I got a text massage from Jenny last night at 10;10 they had arrived at the hotel,the next communication will depend on the internet signal she can get because it tends to be a bit iffy there.
A lovely sunny day here so before lunch I cut and strimmed the front grass,a nice easy job because the grass was the ideal length for mowing.
Just before lunch Ellen headed of on the local rattler for a half hour journey to her friends for a couple of days before starting work at 6am on Monday leaving me and the cats to party. I think she left the cats in charge but I wasn't listening.

With the sunny weather due to hang around over the weekend a postponed cutting the back grass until tomorrow.this delighted the cats as they could dash around the garden in peace.
I did get a couple of photos.The first one is of a spider,this fella has no worries about lunch he has it all wrapped up.

Zazzles wanted the bird to come down and play but the bird just ignored him. I have marked the position of the bird with a blue line to make it easier to spot.The birds are safe up there unless the cats learn to jump round bends past the feeders.

I'm off into the sunshine for a while catch you soon.