I awoke refreshed and pain free this morning,had 10 minutes in the massage chair and did my exercises with no aches or stiffness.The new chair seems to be helping I will know better after a couple of days
I had breakfast and watched the birds then plotted the day ahead.Dinner will be chicken cooked in the bag with a garlic sauce on a bed of rice,proper bastmati this time I stocked up.Ellen is expecting a delivery today and as she needs to get cat food from ASDA,their's being the best offer at the moment I will cover as waiter-in while she goes.With this in mind and feeling nice and loose limbed I had a little 2 mile stroll along the beach.It was quiet up there this morning just a few casuals to say hello to and a couple of dogs to get licked by which is better than the other way round I guess, or maybe not
So I am back home with no reaction from the walk and Ellen has shot off to ASDA which is a pleasant 2 mile walk mostly along the channel side The trip back will be a lift if she can bum one or a taxi if she can't.With 6 boxes of cat food and whatever other bargains catch her eye she will be fully loaded. She might call on a friend first for a coffee and catch up,then it will be a lift.
So I am confinded to barracks until the delivery or the return of Ellen but I have nowhere I need to be and nothing I need to do apart from continue ripping the floor up in the shed so that's the next job after lunch which I am about to make,what I'll make I won't know until I see it,bacon butties are sounding good and favourite at the moment.