I was looking on our local Freecycle site today to see if any doors had turned up,I am struggling to find an external one.A new one with frame is around £700 which is out of the question at the moment.

While I was there I checked on items people were looking for and spotted a request for vinyl records from the 50s to the 70s.It just so happened I had a large suitcase full of singles, EPs and LPs so I left a message and and within a couple of hours a fella had collected them,so more rubbish rid of for me and a week or so sorting discs out for him.A good deal all round.

I did offer the records to various charity shops but they didn't want them but rather than bin them I hung on and it paid of for the lad wanting them. I converted them into MP3s a long time ago so it freed up space me getting shut of them.I had some Video tapes but nobody wanted them either so they were binned.I had converted them to DVDs a while ago but only get Video quality not DVD.

I still have 50 or so cassette tapes left and I will get the kit to convert them into MP3s sometime.
Devices that were essential for entertainment such as VCRs, Cassette players etc seem a long way in the past now and CDs are going the same way, everything moves so quickly in the electronics field.