My new regime started this morning.I had a chat with the quack
yesterday about my continuing back problems and he had a few
Instead of doing my loosening exercises when I get up he said I
should try 10 minutes on the massage chair first,also do the same
before setting out on a walk instead of after. Prevention being better
than cure this makes sense,when playing sport you wouldn't dream of doing anything strenuous before a warm up.

This morning was my first session and doing my exercises after a
short stint on the massager was certainly easier and pain free.
I decided to push things a little more,well you know me in for a penny in for a pound
Needing bread and milk from the shop I had a short 5 minutes on the massager and took a longer route to the shop,distance about 1½ miles. All went well and my back is behaving like a good 'un,well so far it is. The next long walk will be the real test but I am not chancing that just yet.

My grandson Carl took Ellen out for the day yesterday as a birthday
treat. They went to the holiday parc where he works,it is only ½ hour's
train journey away set in beautiful countryside on the edge of
Morcambe bay and a stones throw from the Lake district.
He paid the train fare and gave her a tour of the site and introduced her to all the staff when they arrived Then he treated her to a steak dinner and a few glasses of the falling down water.Ellen said the lad who shares digs with him is really pleasant as was everybody she met and they seem to think highly of young Carl.His mother would have been proud of him as we all are,he has grown into a fine young man. Time for lunch catch you soon