A trip to Mother's this morning through the haven and along Channelside walk.It is a dull grey day with a hint of rain in the air but I stayed dry.There was a couple of heron feeding at the waters edged but too far away to get a decent shot and by the time I was at that spot they had buggered off.I did get a quick snapshot of some geese coming down from the north to spend the Winter here.They look like Canada Geese and if so they have probably come down from Iceland.If so it's not a good sign them arriving in September.

I carried on but turned right before the big climb as my back was already feeling tight.It was a relief to get to mother's and a sit down. Her cat came and made a fuss of me as normal and fell asleep on my knee.I exchanged news with mother while she stowed the loot I took.She has new specs to pick up today and was awaiting my sister Pat to give her a ride into town.I could have bummed a lift home but she hadn't appeared before it was time for me to leave. I had my shopping instructions for supplies on my next Sunday shopping trip.The main item she wants are lamb kidneys which while not at all to my taste mother is really fond of offal. A nice piece of lambs liver is my limit.It's an age thing I guess she will have grown up eating a lot of offal because it was a cheap meat and her being one of 10 children money would be tight.With food rationing not ending here until 1954 I guess it was a case of you ate what you could get.

Time for home again and I decided to flash the pass for the two bus trip back to the island.I didn't last the course,my back was really playing up getting bumped around so I got of again a few stops later and a little nearer home. I rang my neighbour who picks me up if I every get back trouble while I am walking but unfortunately he is out of town today. I had a long rest outside the library and then started on the walk home.I had to rest in the little haven and again on the promenade before I reached home and a much needed rest.
That's me done for the day just resting is the aim now after a stint on the massage chair. Catch you soon.