I cooked a meal using different methods than usual for me.Chicken breasts were on the menu and a chicken breast cooked just as it comes is not very exciting and needs tarting up.I usually cut a pocket in them and fill them with something like mushrooms, sage and onion stuffing or herbs and wrap them in bacon.

On my last trip to B&M I noticed a chicken cook in the bag sweet and sour mix and it intrigued me.I had heard tell of these things but never used one. Well today was the day,simple enough to do I put 4 chicken breast fillets in the bag shook the sweet and sour mix into the bag, tied the top, swirled it around,placed on a baking tray and cooked for 40 minutes at 160c ( fan oven) 180c conventional oven

While waiting for it to cook I was going to get some basmati rice out to boil and the container was nearly empty.This meant a dash to the shop but they had none.In desperation I picked up some Uncle Bens long grain boil in the bag so that's what it had to be,a10 minute simmer for that.
Now I had two unknowns cooking,this could go terribly wrong.

As it happens it was a success and so simple even a non cook can do it.Another advantage is a nice clean roasting tray so no extra washing up.
The rice was passable and the Sweet and Sour chicken cooked to juicy tasty perfection.A successful change to my normal methods which I will try again,well the cook in the bag chicken anyway as for the rice I will go back to basmati. .
Next time in town I will look for cook in the bag stuff and see what range they have it certainly beats cleaning messy roasting tins and baking trays.

If you haven't tried them and are going to give it a go be aware they state on the pack that it serves 4. They lie, the bag takes 4 small to medium fillets and it does two good helpings 4 would be skimping.

A nice quiet night here having the odd scoop and watching the rugby Worcester vs Harlequins should be an away win for the 'Quins,they are smarting after losing to the Saints last week