The winds have calmed today they are now in the mid 20mph and no gusts.Debris litters the garden as usual after a bit of a blow but rain is keeping me from clearing up,that can wait.No damage reports from yesterday.
Tomorrow all being well I will make a dash for freedom and wander into town or maybe get a couple of miles in and hit town on Wednesday because it's market day. The market is a good place for a mooch around then a coffee and maybe a bacon buttie while doing a spot of people watching.Usually somebody I know comes along for a natter or even somebody I don't know.There is always a chat to be had.
I am making a nice easy dinner today gammon steak with new potatoes and baby carrots and later the added bonus of a Monday night footie game.
It's a peaceful afternoon in my part of the world.Ellen got an early finish and is in her room catching up on back to back rubbish on the goggle box and the cats are in the land of nod,Sooty on the settee and Zazzles stretched full length on the window sill.I keep glancing at him because he has got rolling off in his sleep down to a fine art,that is always good for a laugh.
That's all I have to bore you with if you haven't already dozed off and I know a few of you are a little dozy to begin with.
Catch up later