The first of the autumn storms has arrived with force 7 winds and driving rain,force 7 is 35to 38 mph a moderate gale so it is not likely to cause damage but with it due to last through until Wednesday I will be cabined up for a few days with two pissed off cats. A quick trip to the corner shop will be as far as I go if I need anything.Luckily I did a big shop at Iceland earlier in the week so we should want for nothing and if the wind gets really strong it is not unknown for the buses to stop running over the bridge.
Looking out of the window this morning I was glad I got the grass cutting done yesterday,the hard work has paid off because with 3 or 4 days rain forecast it will be a long time drying out again.
I have a footie game and a rugby game to keep we entertained I just hope the weather in those areas is better than here.
I have decided on a chicken casserole or dinner,with Ellen on a long shift,7:30 until 5:30 she will not get home until around 6 so I can have a dib into it when I am ready.

Latest update from the met office
YELLOW WARNING of STRONG WINDS and SEVERE GALES has been issued for Scotland, north Wales, northwest England and Northern Ireland.
A spell of gale force westerly winds is expected later today and through Monday across much of of the north west of the UK.
Possibly 50 to 60 mph gusts.