Two totally different subjects for this blog

I have two photos for your evening entertainment.
We had rain all day today so I didn't expect to get any photos until I spotted a spiders web on the Buddleia. I went for a closer look and there were loads of tiny raindrops clinging to it. I only managed one good shot because it was breezy so the web had a good sway on and most of the drops fell off,seems I was just in time.I thought it might be worth a night shot later,with no light pollution in my garden I should get a nice dark background for the flash but the wind and rain have done for the wwb.It's worth clicking the photo for larger image

The second isn't my photo but Janine's. You may remember Sooty visits them daily to play with little Luiz,the fact he is fed ham is of no importance to him I'm sure.
Well yesterday he took Zazzles along and Janine snapped them both on her window.Janine will have to buy more ham it seems.The treat isn't confined to ham by the way.Chicken,tuna and prawns have also been on the menu.Unbeknown to Janine, Luiz once decided to share his fish fingers with Sooty by breaking them up throwing them to him,by the time Janine discovered what was happening Sooty had eaten most of them and she had to make more for Luiz