A better morning than the last two saw me donning my shopping gear and strolling off to town. I met my son Stephen on his way over so we had a nice catch up on news along the way.
We parted company at Tesco car park me going south to Morrisons and the bargain shops, him eastward to Aldi for his fruit and veg.
There was nothing of interest to photograph until I got the the bridge at Morrisons,the docks had some vessels belonging to Semat who do all sorts of marine work so I snapped a couple of them. After Morrisons it was a short trip up the hill to the freezer shop and the the bargain shop.Nothing interesting to take a photo of there either so I headed to the bus stop,then remembered I wanted a medium saucepan so went into Wilkos and bought a stainless one for £3:50.I have a smaller one from there it is 3 years old now and not a mark on it.
All that was left to do was sit on the bench and do a little people watching but then I noticed to rather nice cars,a Rolls Royce and a Daimler all dolled up in their finest wedding gear so a couple of more shots to round a pleasant morning off.Daimlers are easily distinguished from Jaguars by their fluted grill tops by the way and on this model large boot.( that's trunk to you lot over the pond )
Catch you soon, for photos here. PHOTOS