I got a shock this morning when I went to the local Post Office,the shutters were down and the ATM was offline.A passing girl told me they closed yesterday.I have heard no news of the closure so don't know if it is permanent or new management are moving in.This is a bad blow for the folks this end of the island especially the older ones who draw their pensions there.The easiest post office to get to now will mean taking a bus into town and with winter not far off it will be a hard journey for the elderly and infirm and Monday is pension day.There is a post office at the north of the island but no north/south bus service and it is a long walk for me never mind them.
Previous changes in management have been done on a Saturday night and Sunday and it was business as usual on Monday. The signs are not good.

Another shocking day here after early cloud the rain has set in,not soft summer rain but cold hard and very heavy rain with flood alerts for low lying areas. I am about 8 metres (26ft) above sea level here and there isn't much in the area on higher ground and a lot are pretty near sea level.We really don't need a storm right now.Luckily the tides are small at the moment
e cat's have decide sleep is the answer and I have two rugby matches to watch and it's no cooking Saturday so a lazy one for the cats and myself. Ellen is not so fortunate she is at work and will no doubt take a battering coming home.She had a late start
today before beginning a 12 day shift of 6am starts so it will be taxis to work for her if this weather keeps up for any length of time.
Time for a chew and a brew before the egg chasers start,catch you soon.