John Identified the rogue plant in my garden,it is water hemlock and very poisonous, so three cheers for the lizard,thanks mate. I'm glad somebody here knows a lot about wild plants my knowledge is limited by only growing flowers for three years and an on line guide to British wildflowers which doesn't help in this case.I have done a search and can't spot anymore but my eyes will be peeled as they say.I'm just hoping it hasn't already chucked some seeds around if that's how they multiply.

Ellen has returned after a delayed journey.Somebody was hit by a train just outside Preston so all trains north were cancelled.They had to wait for the southbound from this end to get to Lancaster where it was terminated and returned at the next scheduled time,so over and hours delay before that arrived What should be a half hour journey turned into nearly two hours.She was even more pissed off when Sooty who was asleep on her bed looked at her,yawned and went back to sleep when she went to put her stuff away.when she came down Zazzles had returned and was perched on his cushion like Piffy on a rock bun and showed little interest in her greetings either.

The dinner turned out as good as it looks.