People of a certain age i.e. me have grown up amongst great changes in labour saving devices in the home.Home fridges and freezers,automatic washing machines,microwave ovens,food mixers and blenders with a host of tools to name but a few.Two much simpler things are the objects of my particular delight and nothing to do with cooking oddly enough. The humble duvet and fitted sheets.Oh what bliss to have a bed stripped and remade in a matter of minutes and no back aching removing of heavy blankets then reversing the process plus tucking sheets in all the way round. 1 million brownie points to the inventors. You can guess it's bed changing day here,when I say bed changing I of course mean bed linen changing although most are cotton or nylon nowadays.
I asked a rather rotund friend this morning what her two favourite labour saving devices are. Given her shape the answer should not really have been a surprise,it's the microwave oven with ready meals and TV remote control.Well it must have been tedious walking a few feet to the TV to change channels then having to walk all the way back,no such thing as channel hopping then.
The thing that puzzles me is why so many people shirk preparing and cooking nice fresh meals.I enjoy preparing that meal almost as much as eating it.
Today as I don't know what time Ellen will be home from her mini break I am making a pie with a difference. I thought I was going to be making cottage pie but when I took the minced beef from the freezer last night I discovered it had magically turned to minced turkey breast. So I will follow similar lines spice the turkey up a little add some chicken stock and flour to thicken it,sliced carrot, onion and garlic thrown in of course.a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce,top it with creamed mash with plenty of white pepper and a couple minutes before it's ready sprinkle some cheese on the top and finish it under the grill.I will report back on the taste later.