You might remember the piece about Liam doing a 160ft bungee jump for his little brother Luiz charity.
Well news from Facebook he did it today.Well done Liam.

A lazy day for me it being Saturday,I spent much of the afternoon watching the footie and egg chasers. Not a no cook day today with Ellen on a late finish so I was looking for something easy to make for dinner.I settled on toad in the hole, a one dish meal.
I heated the oven to 220c mixed a simple batter,put 8 good quality thick sausage in a 10"X8" roasting tin with a tablespoon of oil.I cooked these for 15 minutes before adding the batter and cooking until the batter had risen and was golden brown,35 minutes in this case but it does vary. A simple dish to make and very tasty.
I have a quiet night tonight, Ellen is going to her friend Linda's birthday party so it just me and the cats,I might celebrate with a few beers.

P.S. in some parts of North American I believe a batter is a mix for making cakes,In the UK a batter is what you would use for coating things to cook or making pancakes e.t.c. made from flour,egg,water and or milk with a pinch of salt and thin enough to pour.